7 Interesting Facts About Animation Videos

7 Interesting Facts About Animation Videos

Have you ever been curious about what happens behind the scenes of your favorite movies and television shows, especially the animated ones? Well, you’re in luck as we dive into seven interesting facts you may not have known about animation videos.

The Pixar Lamp

Did you know that the quirky little lamp at the beginning of every Pixar movie actually has a name? Named after a short animation film created in 1986 from the same studio, Luxo Junior is its name and bouncing around the screen is its game.

A Win for Walt Disney

Back when the famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse was in the development stages, Walt Disney pitched the idea to Louis Mayer, who was the head of Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Mayer’s response? That because women were the primary attendants at the theatre, and they’re all scared of mice, that Mickey was a horrible idea. Refusing to purchase the rights, Mayer’s would soon regret that decision.

A 3D Classic

Back in 1995, a small animated film called “Toy Story” was created and released to the public. This marvel was the first full-length feature movie to be both fully modeled and created using 3D technology.

A Money Saver

Have you ever wondered why cartoon characters often only have four fingers instead of five? Well, simply put, it saved animation studios millions of dollars by discarding a single digit. It also helped that four fingers were less visually disturbing than seeing cartoon characters with five fingers.

Live Action Counterparts

Some cartoon characters are more than just their sketches. Famously animated movies like “The Little Mermaid” and “The Beauty and the Beast” has live-action actors to reenact the movements of their character from storyboards. This gave animators a realistic portrayal of how the cartoons would need to move.

The Most Expensive Animation?

It’s true that animation movies can cost millions of dollars, but just how expensive is the most expensive animated movie out there to date? 2010s Tangled stands at the top of the list for the most expensive animated movie in the world, running a bill of over $270 million over the course of six years in production. Why? Well, it took a lot of time and energy to get that long hair just right.

Pocahontas 2

Have you ever wondered why Pocahontas’s hair was in a bun for the majority of the second animated feature? It seems that a character’s hair can really make or break a film. The movie’s artists didn’t have enough time to completely render her flying, flowy hair, so they needed to improvise.

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